Our Workshop

Situated in the scruffiest, tattiest old scraphead challenge of a mill, we are facing the canal in a really quite pretty bit..... Do keep driving past the junk and a brew and biscuit will await you in our little haven!

The outdoor display, ever changing, weather permitting!

In the summer we work outside and can also display our garden furniture.  


We often get passersby on a walk down the canal climbing over the fence to have a closer look.

Inside our workshop.

Our workshop began life with little more than a sander and a jigsaw.  We made work benches from old doors that were left by the previous occupants and pretty much everything else has been donated by friends, family and well wishers.


We are incredibly lucky to have such a special space and kind friends.  Some machinery is over 100 years old and hadn't been used for decades.  


The wood we get is often other people's junk or wood that people want to get rid of as they have no use for it.  


We feel we really are making something beautiful from the overlooked and disregarded.

Canal Life

We are incredibly lucky to be in between bridges 91b and 92 on the Leeds to Liverpool canal, it's not only a beautiful part of the world, but the passersby are friendly and show a keen interest to the happenings of the workshop.