About Us


After escaping office life and hitting 40, I realised that I had waited long enough to pursue my dream....   

 Initially finding an incredible ramshakle workshop was the perfect place to unleash my pent up creative mind.  I had studied a degree in Fine Art and Integrated Media, specialising in sculpture and installation at Blackburn College, and following that a Master's degree in Professional Contemporary Arts Practice at Lancaster University.

 I soon realised that making stuff can't be a weekend hobby for me, I live and breath the mechanics of designing and creating something from scratch and especially thrive on making something beautiful from something discarded (other people's rubbish).  

Occasionally (very occasionally) I need to buy new wood, I love wood, but somehow new wood, doesn't have the same connection, vibrancy or depth.  Making things is what I do, it's who I am!

Often found at the back of the workshop, head down working away, Shaun is the perfect partner to Annie's artistic flair.  His engineering background makes sure that not only does the furniture we create have heart and soul, it also is strong and incredibly well built.  He always goes the extra mile to make sure the smallest detail has been (hand)made to the very best standard.

 Loving the back to basics world of chisels and hand planes is now where you find Shaun happy as a pig in muck, after years of running his own businesses in the ever changing world of IT.  You now couldn't find a more peaceful man if you tried!