Wood & Steel

We called our company SOUL furniture for a reason!

We believe that todays throwaway society values fashion over quality and many items that we buy are designed to be cast aside to make way for the new latest trend.

We love to work with our customers to create items that they will cherish & keep for years.

And the way to do this is make the furniture that you truly want regardless of the latest fad.

The favourite part of our job is listening to your wild ideas and working together to produce that special piece of furniture that you have been dreaming of. Everything we do is uniquely hand crafted and created especially for you. 

The items below are just a small cross section of some of the special items that we love to make.

What people are saying ...

"Well, what can I say about Annie and Shaun???
Creative, kind, careful, considerate, tidy and wonderfully skilled at what they do!!!!!
My crafty kitchenette has gone from cramped and inadequate to FUN, FABULOUS AND FULLY FUNCTIONING!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I have so much storage in there now that I don't need my 8 cubed kallax unit!!! I don't know how Annie did it, but I have so much more storage and work top space, yet seem to have a bigger room!!!!
They have thought of everything!!
They work so well as a team, you can hear laughing and singing from them all the time. It's been an absolute pleasure to have them here!!
I'm so pleased with the work they have done, the quality is second to none!! (If anyone ever wants to have a look at it, message me, I'll be super proud to show it off to you!!)
in fact, I'm so happy, I'm commissioning other bits to do in the New Year!!!!
Annie and Shaun certainly put "Soul" into your furniture.
Thank you!
Natalie Gracie Faith Sharples (facebook 5*)
"We met Annie from Soul-Furniture a few years ago sitting outside her workshop beside the canal. I got in touch and asked her to make us a dining room table and bench which look absolutely fantastic and fit our family perfectly. Fast forward a couple of years and I got in touch again!! This time because we inherited a rather large vanity unit in our house that wasn’t really to our taste but I wanted to try and recycle it. We absolutely love what Annie and Shaun have done to it and we have already set them off on our next project....watch this space!!"
Tracy Hodgkinson (facebook 5*)
"From start to finish the customer service was amazing. I absolutely love the table they’ve made for me, in terms of build quality and value I honestly couldn’t be happier. Would recommend over buying from a store where everything factory made, the fact that my table is hand made and has so much character is the best part. 100% will be telling everyone I know about this place and I’ll deffo come back for more great quality items ☺️"
Daniel O'Boyle (facebook 5*)
"Just received a beautiful piece as a present for my mum. Very good quality and a lot of work gone into it. Very happy, thank you 😊. Also, worth mentioning that the toy box I have had for over 3 years is still as good as the day I bought it, very impressed"
Lesley Davies (facebook 5*)
"Thank you so much to Soul-Furniture for making our two teenage boys the most amazing double beds!
We asked Annie for a chunky space saving double bed, she listened to us came up with some fantastic ideas, things we would never have thought about and created something magnificent. I can’t recommend Soul-Furniture highly enough. Our boys love their new beds, the only problem now is trying to get them out of them! 😀Thank you so much guys! We’ll definitely be back!"
Hayley Small (facebook 5*)